Sugaring – Hair Removal

We use the Egyptian art of hair removal which is over 3000 years old, known as ‘Sugaring’.

Unwanted body hair is not just embarrassing, but it can be difficult to remove by yourself. This is why we offer hair removal services without using traditional and painful waxing. Our professionals will attend to unwanted hair wherever on the body you require. We offer discreet hair removal services with sugaring techniques that minimise the discomfort common with other hair removal treatments.

Unlike wax, sugar solution does not stick to the skin so is less painful to remove and leaves the skin less tender as a result which can really be welcome when it comes to some areas of the body! We perform sugar hair removal for all body areas.

  • It’s 100% natural, therefore less likely to have a reaction.
  • It grips only the hair not your skin, so it is less painful.
  • It is water soluble so easily washes off, no sticky waxy residue left behind.

There are two methods; hot strip sugar for larger areas and soft hand paste, as there is no heat involved with hand paste we can go over the same area again and again giving a much cleaner result.

Price list (men):

Full leg £45

Front Torso £35

Back Torso £40

Butt (Inc anus) £40

Crotch (Inc balls) £40

Back, Sack & Crack from £80

Arms (Inc hands) £40

Underarm £10

Nose £5

Eye brows £10

Ears £10

Please Book Online or call us to find out more about our sugar hair removal services – call now at 020 7240 1964