Sports Massage

Sports MassageIf you are engaged in a lot of sporting activity then your muscles and joints will probably take a regular beating. You feel this as soreness, acute jabs of pain or a general feeling of cramped up, spasmed muscles. Sports massage is a superb solution to all of these after effects and also as a precursor to sporting activities so that your body is ready to stretch, muscles to move in unison and perform optimally. After a sports session, massage puts your overstretched and tired muscles back in alignment, not only reducing recovery time, but also in allowing faster healing of damaged tissues.

60 min. Deep Tissue Massage £70*incall (WC2) outcall (London city limits) £180* ~ 90 min. Deep Tissue Massage £200*

Book a Deep Tissue massage session online now and feel the difference – We can offer Sport Massage at your hotel location or at our therapy centre!

Superior Massage in Central London WC2 – We’ll straighten you up and put a new confidence in your stride!

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