Red Light Therapy

Muscle responds well to thermal treatments, hot stone therapy is a good example of where this is used in massage so we provide Red Light Therapy which has a very soothing and muscle relaxing effect on the exposed areas. Our Equipment is fully adjustable to offer you a either a much localised thermal treatment or a more generalised application. Red Light therapy offers similar relaxation to that you might get from a sauna and usually applied to the back, can really improve the quality of massage received as the muscles are  relax properly. Red Light Therapy can also reduce the soreness inherent to deep tissue massage.

The warmth from the Red Light Therapy penetrates into the deeper layer of the muscles. This is the preparation for any massage which requires getting into this deeper muscle layer. Especially when receiving a deep tissue massage the muscles are more flexible when they are warm and consequently the therapist can go deeper into the muscle tissue making it easier to break down underlying hard knots and tension.

The soreness of the muscle after a firm deep tissue massage can be reduced considerably with this therapeutic preparation of muscles. It is common knowledge that before you start training in a gym or other exertion you should warm up muscles before training and this is what this therapy aims to do. The Red Light therapy we offer at Superior Massage WC2 will make you feel like you are lying on a warm beach in the sunshine – but with none of the dangerous uV effects!

Red Light Therapy is utilized in every massage session in our central WC2 Massage Therapy Centre.
  • Warms up your body
  • Relaxes muscles prior to treatments
  • Safe for your skin (no uV)
  • Makes massage more effective at treating underlying problems
  • Feels Great!!!
Make sure Red Light therapy is part of your massage treatment schedule!

Call now at (020) 7240 1964 and book  the massage of your choice with Red Light therapy – or make an appointment online now!

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