Neuromuscular-postural massage

Neuromuscular-postural massage is aimed at those who need postural correction or to address an imbalance in muscle tension where the muscles are bilaterally attached. This poor posture is often caused by a muscle in spasm that pulls against a another opposite muscle and “wins the tug-o-war,” pulling the body to one side or the other, ruining posture and usually causing pain.

Neuromuscular-postural massage is designed to help those who have these problems and pain resulting from such poor posture. Correcting the posture of an affected person takes a little time and perseverance, but we can achieve wonderful results. The massage process includes regular massage movements combined carefully with focused but gentle stretching and bending motion to facilitate the balancing of opposing muscular tension. The imbalance of tension in muscles can easily cause the body to lean over, stoop, limp, suffer stiffness, clumsiness, poor balance, poor posture and is typically accompanied by pain; whether direct or referred.

Neuromuscular-postural massage firstly releases these opposing forces, then gently coaxes them back to into normal behaviour so that when your muscles contract such as during bending over and standing up straight again, that the muscles learn how to return to a neutral but supportive tension without remaining in over-tension or spasm. Many of us feel and see a stoop developing in our spine as we get older – Neuromuscular-postural massage can really help to minimize the development of a stoop and help you stand with correct posture and walk properly. Most importantly, we can free you of pain now and prevent more pain developing in the future!

Note: Due to the nature of the movements and mechanics involved in neuromuscular-postural massage, it is performed on a comfortable padded floor sheet as opposed to the usual massage table.

60 min. Neuromuscular-Postural Massage £120

90 min. Neuromuscular-Postural Massage £140

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