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Visit our Central London Massage therapy Centre and you can enjoy a number of massages and treatments. Check out the list below to see what we can offer you!


aromatherapymassage1Deep Tissue Massage

If you have some significant muscle problems including spasm, pain or misalignment, a deep tissue massage may be the answer, find out more about deep tissue massage techniques and what they can do to improve your health.

Natural Facelift Massage

Facial massage when applied properly can really bring some life back into your muscles and tissues. You will even find it easier to smile! A Natural face lift massage pays special attention to the common causes of that sagging appearance or tired look to your face. Find out more about what a Natural Face Lift Massage could offer you!

Swedish Massage

A really laid back relaxing way to enjoy a full body massage is to choose a Swedish massage. This massage technique uses flowing movements that invigorate the muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Feeling bloated, have water retention that seems to never go away even when you exercise? Lymphatic Drainage Massage can really help to get things moving in your lymphatic system and give your body the help it needs to reduce that retention…Find out more about how Lymphatic Drainage could help you lose weight and feel better!

Hot Stone Massage

Ancient techniques are still in use and as valid as ever with our hot stone massage offering a fantastic way to achieve deep relaxation while having some specific areas of concern attended to. Find out more about what Hot Stone Therapy can do for you!

Indian Head Massage

The traditional Hindi Head massage channels specific energies from around the head and realigns them to bring a revitalising and refreshing aura to your body. Find out more about Indian Head Massage and how much you could benefit from this 2500 year old technique!



red light therapy

We can add a number of therapies both traditional and leading edge. All are intended to offer solutions to common problems we face.

Trigger Point Therapy

Attending to those sharp and localised pains is just one of the benefits of Trigger Point Therapy – find out more about this muscle releasing therapy and see if you can rid yourself of some daily anguish!


Whether just for relaxation or to address specific medical symptoms, aromatherapy adds another dimension to massage therapy. Find out more about what it can offer you!

Red Light Therapy

Having your
muscles pre-relaxed prior to your massage can make a huge difference when it comes to both the soothing effects of the massage and the after-effects of vigorous massage. Book a red light therapy session and boost the rewards of your following massage!

Ionized Water Therapy

Ionized water is a recent technique that cleanses your body from the inside with specially ionised water that binds and removes toxins from the body.

Elemis Facials

elemis facialGoing out and need that killer look – or just saw yourself in a mirror and realize you could do with a little youth putting back into your appearance? Either way, Superior Massage London offers you the opportunity to not only enjoy some of our great massages and massage face-lifts, we also provide the latest facial treatments that can really take years of your looks! Check out some of the great facials we offer and don’t forget that we can provide these in conjunction with some tension releasing rejuvenating massages. Choose from of our great facials from Elemis and then check out our massage services – it all adds up to the perfect way to reward yourself and your hardworking body!

Fruit Active Glow

Get a facial that will really make you look and feel positively radiant – find out more about how this great facial can revitalize your skin!

Exotic Moisture Dew

Looking like a supermodel is largely about having great complexion. Our Exotic Moisture Dew is intended to do exactly that – find out how Exotic Moisture Dew can offer you a youthful complexion and skin of silk!

Herbal Lavender Repair

Restore your youthful skin with a combination of natural oils that work in synergy to replenish and reconstruct your damaged delicate skin.

Live a little with the energy that a great treatment at Superior Massage London can offer! Book online or call (020) 7240 1964

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