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We have tried to answer your most common questions here in our Massage FAQ, if you cannot find the information you want, contact us and we will answer any of your questions.

QmarkImage12sQ. Where can I find the Superior Massage therapy Centre?

Our central London massage therapy centre is right in walking distance of Covent Garden, Soho, and a block from Tottenham Court rd tube station. We also offer London massage outcall services; if you cannot get to us – we’ll come to you!

Q. What massage or therapies do you offer?

We offer massage in London WC2 at our therapy centre and we have a massage outcall service that can visit you and deliver massage in your London in your home or at your hotel room.

We also offer:

Q. Can massage help my stiff joints?

A. Yes – almost certainly. More than likely your mobility will be much improved through massage. Some stretching and red light therapy can also relieve stiff movement and make the body feel more pliable and flexible.

Q. I am already fit and healthy so why do I need a massage?

Massage is not about fitness levels (although it will help to improve them), massage is about allowing the body to restore itself to the natural condition that its muscles, tendons and joints expect to be in to function optimally. Especially after heavy exercise where muscles are lengthened or shortened aggressively, massage can help those muscles to become more able to deal with the exertion that is expected of them and with it, toxins built up during exercise are massaged toward lymphatic drainage so that the body is not only restored to its proper shape, it is cleansed too.

Q. How can massage have such a beneficial effect on me?

A. Expert massage has numerous benefits all properly explained through scientific research and recognised by medical practitioners everywhere. “How can massage help me?” is a common question we are asked; here are some answers:

  • By releasing my body’s natural endorphins thereby lowering mental stress levels. These chemicals, produced deep within the brain are responsible for making us feel good and massage therapy does just that!
  • By allowing toxins trapped in my tissues to be processed more efficiently. Your body can allow toxins to build up in peripheral tissues and massage therapy can release them back into the lymphatic system to allow them to be processed and removed by the body’s own mechanisms.
  • By lowering my cortisol concentrations. This hormone is responsible for produces belly fat whose concentrations rise in stressed individuals. This is why stress often adds to people’s weight problems. Reducing Cortisol levels through therapeutic massage is a valuable way of contributing to weight loss efforts.
  • By reducing my cholesterol levels. This offers obvious benefits to everyone from a vascular perspective; cholesterol is bad for your heart and circulatory system. Many people are already suffering from high cholesterol levels and those in stressful positions are even more likely to have a high count. Massage therapy can help counter that stress and lower your cholesterol.
  • Massage will help me sleep better – the endorphins released during massage encourage a state of restfulness and will put your body in the perfect state for you to enjoy a restful sleep. If you are not ready to sleep right away, don’t worry because the effect will last until you do need to – in the mean time you may want to enjoy more benefits such as…
  • Higher energy levels – massage invigorates the body and allows all the muscles to work properly again. The increased blood flow and relaxation of the mind allows a client to utilise the increased energy available in their body.
  • It will give me improved flexibility and elasticity massage involves muscle motivation and manipulation and as a result the mechanics of your body are serviced, much like machines require service, so does your body. A Superior Massage is the premium service that you can offer your body so book an appointment now.
Q. Who can I ask about other services and bookings?

A. You can find out more about, what services we provide what those services include/pricing information. Simply call now at 078 94 666 330 and we will be more than happy to discuss your treatment needs further. For bookings please call our booking number on 020 7240 1964 or book your appointment here online.

Q. What common ailments can massage help to alleviate?

A. There are many ailments that massage techniques can help to address and resolve in some cases:

  • Muscle Tension – Relieve muscle tension through massage – the most widely accepted means of lowering muscle stress!
  • Sore Neck – Bad posture? – Desk or computer bound? A massage can ease away all that tension and make your sore neck go away!
  • Lower Back Pain – Whether you have been lifting or seated uncomfortably; lower back pain can be miserable. Book a massage that can take away the strain and remove that lumbar pain!
  • Tired Muscles – Weary from long hours of work? Had to finish that strenuous task? A soothing massage can pave the way for your body to recover quickly so you can feel better sooner and ready for action again!
  • Athletic Injuries – Keen athlete and overdone it? Maybe you need some muscular therapy to help your body get to peak condition sooner. Help yourself – get a massage!
  • Fluid Retention – Your body not getting rid of that fluid they way you think it should? Maybe you need to let us give it a helping hand or two with some lymph drainage massage that can really help that fluid move along!
  • Stress – We all know what stress is like – there seems to be more of it around than ever these days – a relaxing massage session can give you the release you need to wind down from that stress and take life in your stride!
  • Acute Trigger Pain – Sudden pain from trigger points deep in your body can be debilitating and restrictive. Trigger Point therapy can release the build-up at these pressure points and allow you to feel more flexible and mobile – without those flashes of unwelcome pain!
  • Chronic Pain – Long-term pain has a multi-faceted effect on people’s lives and therapeutic massage can be a powerful weapon against it. A relaxing massage can make a real difference to pain levels and make you feel much better through endorphin release.
  • Insomnia – Not being able to sleep is listed highly among the symptoms of many with chronic diseases both physical and mental. Massage releases the right chemicals in the brain that promotes the deep relaxation that is essential for deep and refreshing sleep.
  • Poor Muscle – Tone A good massage will invigorate your muscles and help you to restore tone to them so that you will look healthier!
  • Flexibility – If you exercise your body very efficiently, and especially if you intend to in the future, stretching and fully extending the limbs and torso can really help to improve exercise performance and reduce injury.
  • Stamina – Having your muscles massaged can improve their stamina as the toxins produced during a workout can be more efficiently removed. Oxygen delivery will be improved and the muscle shape will be optimal, without any knots. This all adds up to improved performance!
  • Stiff Muscles – Massage is the best way to resolve stiffness in your muscles. Warmth and massage can provide the ideal remedy for such problems.
  • Muscle Spasm – A muscle that is in constant tension will inevitably become painful. Muscle spasm can readily be treated through massage and really help those suffering from the incredible pain that muscle spasms can induce.

If you have any questions about massage, call 020 7240 1964 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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