Need a Massage After Workout?

Aching muscles from working out? There is a good reason why professionals in athletic sports have regular massage. It takes away your pain, and realigns the muscles so your body is ready for your next training session.

Did you pull a muscle or strain your body during exercise? We can help you straight away by offering you a London Massage therapy appointment for a strong firm deep tissue massage that can really make a difference in how you feel and guide your body toward a swifter recovery. Book an appointment and reward your body for what it has given you!

Sports MassageLearn why EVERY professional athlete has a massage therapist!

First of all, it’s great to hear that you work out – keeping your body healthy is what we are all about here at the Superior Massage London therapy centre. We encourage all our clients to exercise, eat well and take care of their most precious asset: their body.

We also know that working out can often take its toll on the body, no matter how strenuous or light the workout regime may be there are compelling reasons to include massage after workout in your ambitions for a fit and healthy body.

No matter how hard you try, exercise has an imbalanced effect on your body. It is impossible to exercise every muscle in a workout session, even over a number of them. And every time you focus on one muscle group, another pays a small price. Anyone in touch with their being knows that the human body is a broad balancing act. A balancing act of biochemistry so that the body has the correct balance of nutrients, the ability to remove toxins fast enough so we don’t poison ourselves, balance of our body mechanics – simply standing up straight is a challenge to many!

Working out puts a strain on the muscles and their connections to other muscles & bones. This can result in tension and ultimately, pain. Muscles that are compensating for the ones you are exercising can also easily end up tense and painful; you may recall having pain in lace that you though were nothing to do with the exercise you just did! A muscle in the neck can be compensating for a strained muscle in the calf – if your posture is wrong, your body will hurt.

Massage therapy can bring relief to your body and offer a release to these tensions and pains. A session with a masseur in our London WC2 therapy centre can pinpoint these areas and with myofascial release and deep tissue massage techniques, can release the tension, separate the muscles properly and allow you to actually benefit from your exercise efforts rather than suffer from them.

Regular massage is part and parcel of the professional athlete’s regime and to stay fit, you must stay able. To stay able, your muscles and body mechanics all have to work with the fluidity that regular massage offers. If you are not making the most of your exercise, you should start now by booking a massage – you will know the difference right away!

Get a massage today so you can make the most of tomorrow!

If you are in the London area, and are looking for a deep tissue massage in WC2, (or other massages too) we offer great solutions to relieve those aching muscles, to that tired feeling that sleep just doesn’t seem to resolve; to that lack of energy that prevents you enjoying a full social life!

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If you are not sure what you need, either browse our pricing page or call us and we’ll happily explain what we can offer to help that stress or other ailment melt away!

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