Our Central London Massage Therapy Room

The Superior Massage London massage therapy room has been designed to offer our clients a superb range of massage treatments offered in a comfortable environment by an expert Massage Therapist. Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques and equipment, we are able to offer clients who visit our Therapy Centre the ultimate in both wellness treatments but also in the high level of customer service which is a trademark of our establishment. Using red light therapy we are able to multiply the benefits of your massage. We also offer the latest in facial treatments that go hand-in-hand with our specialised facial massages.

Deep tissue massage suits a range of people; from athletes preparing for training, or recovering after a workout or competition, to a business traveller who spends a lot of time in uncomfortable positions such as on airplanes. Deep tissue massage can have a remarkable effect on deep rooted pain and discomfort caused by knotted, misaligned and aching muscles that lay beneath the surface layers of muscle. Our highly skilled massage therapists can get right into those deeper layers and put those muscles back into the position and tension that they are supposed to be in. We can work on your neck to relieve that stress that has built up through mental or physical exertion and put other postural muscles back into shape so you will be in prime condition to take on whatever it is your life has in store for you. There’s no need to keep on suffering with a painful neck when we can treat it for you and offer immediate pain relief with some deep tissue work.

We know that it is not just athletes that pull muscles and suffer strains. We know that not having your body feeling good is not a recipe for a successful tomorrow.

The great news is that we know how to make it right. For us, massage therapy is more than just a back rub and a few candles burning aromatic oils although we do use aromatherapy. We have been trained properly in massage, deep tissue and all aspects of human physiology and understand all the ranges of motion and alignments that your muscular and skeletal framework should have. This is why when you pull a muscle and we attend to it for you with some deep tissue work, you will be guaranteed that your recovery time will be reduced your pain will diminish.

Deep Tissue is not for everybody so if you are looking for a more relaxing type of massage, Swedish massage might be more suitable. Whatever your aches and pains require, Superior Massage are confident we can use deep tissue massage to make your pain recede considerably and hopefully disappear altogether!

Call (020) 7240 1964 to make an appointment at our central London massage therapy room –  or book online!

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