Ionized Water Therapy

Ionized Water (Alkaline Water)

Cleanse Your Body of Toxins

Those who come to us for a massage are always advised to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that their body tissues are receptive to massage and the body is able to remove toxins effectively. After a massage it is even more important to re-hydrate properly; this is in order to allow the toxins released into the lymphatic system and elsewhere, to be properly flushed out of your body.

The modern human, especially those in urban environments, has to face a barrage of toxic substances during the course of every day. These toxins are in our food as additives, colors, fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides and in the air as micro particles which we inhale such as traffic exhaust and other industrial pollutants. Add to that the thousands of other compounds our body faces, including make-up and toiletries, bacteria and the many different ingredients in modern sodas and alcoholic beverages and you can soon see that the body has quite a task in hand. Many people are suffering digestive problems due to bad diet and their body has become over acidic and toxic-rich due to the inability for us to deal with the challenge of processing all these new chemicals.

Ionized Water Therapy – The most powerful way to cleanse your body of pollutants and toxins and re-hydrate more effectively than ever!

Facts About Re-hydration

To re-hydrate, the body requires the use of osmosis, where water can pass across what is seemingly a solid object – your cell walls. Osmosis requires the presence of free ions in the water in order to progress, and the body does provide those ions – to an extent.  The problem is that with an over-acidic body which is caused by toxins leaving behind free radicals – these ions are taken up by the free-radicals as they combine to form neutral substances which can be excreted. This leaves a lack of ionic potential in the body’s inter-cellular fluids and a poor osmotic potential as a result. Ingesting ionized water between meals is a way of addressing this problem, providing completely safe but ionized/alkaline water in the body that will not only have the correct ionization to cross a cell wall; but will also provide plenty of free hydrogen ions that will combine with these toxins/free radicals and allow them to be excreted – a process which also requires osmotic activity.

Drinking ionized water will make your body feel so much better in just a short period and is highly recommended for anyone. Having toxins removed has a similar but more subtle effect to having massage regularly. Many of us think we feel ill for one reason or another and when examined it is often simply a case of toxin buildup in the body which makes us feel tired, worn out and lethargic. Removing these toxins is possible through massage but it is a limited effect and a massage every day is neither recommended nor affordable to most. The solution is to start drinking ionized water and in combination with regular massage, you will feel extremely rejuvenated and energized. Your body will function properly and your mind will be fresh every day!

Mark himself drinks 4 litre of Alkaline/Ionized Water a day and feels much better, sleeps less, and feels less tired during the day. If you would like to gain more information about Ionized Water or Kangen Water, please give him a call at (020) 7240 1964 or visit to find out more from someone who has experience of using ionized water and has benefited greatly!

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