Indian Head Massage

The Indian culture is steeped in some ancient traditions that go back throughout history. Among those traditions is the requirement for Hindi people to bear goodwill toward his fellow man and this shines through in the benevolent nature of these great people.

indian-head-massage2One of the ways in which they have helped others has been to assist with the channelling of energy using Indian Head massage techniques. Developed over thousands of years, this massage technique focuses on a method called Champissage and has been used in Europe for decades as a valuable tool for Massage Therapists to achieve some great pain reduction and stress relief.

Energetic stress-busting therapy which works on the muscular tissues of the neck, shoulders and scalp to relax or stimulate the body and help it maintain harmony. It provides relief for mental and physical stress. Working with a firm and gentle rhythm to help unknot blockages and relieve built-up tension, emotionally it calms the spirit, promotes relaxation and relieves stress. It also relieves muscular tension and stimulates blood circulation.

Have one of our expert massage therapists realign your energy with an Indian Head Massage!

The sense of utter well-being that follows a treatment with head massage has to be experienced to be fully understood. We live in stressful time and head massage is one of the ways of alleviating tension and achieving a relaxed, calm frame of mind. On the other hand – a stimulating head massage helps to clarify the mind and enables one to concentrate without tension.

60 minute Indian Head Massage (incl. shoulder and neck) £70*

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