Herbal Lavender Repair

Herbal Lavender RepairLavender is an amazing herb that has been used for a number of remedial applications for thousands of years. Not only renowned for its sedative abilities, promoting relaxation, Lavender is also an excellent burn treatment, successful preventing the blister that appears on minor burns when applied quickly. These remarkable properties are not the limit to this amazing herb’s health promoting benefits. Lavender in conjunction with some other well-known herbal oils can be used as a skin rejuvenator too.

A Herbal Lavender Repair facial is an impressive way of successfully improving facial skin health and can achieve remarkable results. The antiseptic property of the Rosemary that this unique repair system contains provides a defence against the bacteria that causes spots and pimples, with Lavender providing rejuvenation and Thyme synergistically rebalancing and nourishing the skin.

This unique combination of natural ingredients can offer your skin that assistance it needs to allow it to reach its optimum appearance and health. Deeply cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts.

This facial includes an Indian Head Massage and a natural facelift massage.

30 min. Herbal Lavender Repair £35 ~ 60 min. Herbal Lavender Repair £65

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Herbal Lavender Repair treatment will make you simply radiant!

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