Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Cranio Sacral (aka “Craniosacral“) massage therapy puts the cranio sacral rhythm back into the right pattern through the expert analysis and manipulation of the unique structures of the cranial bones. The cranial bones are replete with dural membranes which are in a particular shape, thought to originate from gill structures. These are parts of our physiology that we lost millions of years ago when our species left the oceans in the distant history of our evolution. The movement of the dural membranes is remarkably similar to that of gills which absorb oxygen for fish; a constant pulsating motion.

Movement of these membrane structures around the cranial bones is thought to take place in the same pulsatory manner and is called a cranial rhythm. It is suggested that the movement of fluid around the spinal chord and brain is facilitated by this rhythm which can be observed during cranial surgery. The cranial rhythm is almost imperceptible to the touch, but can be detected by those trained to do so. Cranio Sacral massage experts are trained to return the rhythm to its natural frequency.

When we get stressed or muscles get into tension and will not relax properly, the body’s natural cranial rhythm is affected which causes even more physiological disturbance. This type of stress builds up over time and appears to create unwanted additional emotional components to add to the already stressed body. Cranio Sacral massage is a way of returning our cranial rhythms to their natural frequency in order to return the body to a balanced state. In conjunction with other forms of massage, the emotional and physical release from stress brought about by Cranio Sacral massage can be enormous.

60 min. Craniosacral Massage Therapy £120* ~ 90 min. Craniosacral Massage Therapy £140*

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