Cannot get exercise? – You need massage!

If you don’t get around much or cannot exercise for any reason, toxins build up in your muscles and leave you feeling exhausted. This gives you the feeling that you just worked at a heavy labouring job for many hours – a sensation that is both unpleasant and confounding considering the lack of energy expended.

deep vein thrombosis and massage

Why should your body ache like this if you did nothing all day. As just mentioned, a toxin build up in your muscles is largely to blame. This sounds like a ‘unicorn’ story and one which is told just to get you to come for a massage.We do want you to come see us but prefer that you have a firm understanding of just how good a decision having a massage really is for those in sedentary situations. There are real reasons why it is important to get your legs massaged if you are sedentary – in some cases it might save your life! How?….read on.

Massage Removes Toxins

The toxic build up in your muscles is a reality and not just a made-up diagnosis. When you sit down for long periods, such as on a long flight or a full day at the office, unnatural things happen in your legs. They are stuck in a relatively unnatural position – a seat is not good for you from a postural sense. The front edge of a seat often makes it worse by restricting the blood flow for the lower leg. This restriction is only partial but it slows down the blood flow to AND from the lower leg. The “from” is important here. The bending of the knee for a time also adds to the restriction of returning (venal) blood.

Blood flow toward the lower leg is not affected as much as it has arterial pressure to force blood + gravity to help. The return cycle is not so efficient. Blood is pushed by the arterial pressure into smaller and smaller vessels until they become capillaries. These are very small and exist as a delivery and a removal vessel.

Each heartbeat pushes blood into the capillaries and then the pressure forces blood up venal capillaries and into your veins. This then keeps moving up the leg until it reaches a large vein (the femoral) that returns blood to the heart for another round. Restricting the return blood flow causes a build up of fluid in the legs as the venal system is unable to drain blood, the lymphatic system also suffer the same problem. The lower flow also reduces Oxygen delivery to the lower muscles, which become bound with CO2 creating a very “tired” feeling in the muscles.

Get Oxygenated

This is similar to what happens when you work out hard; not enough Oxygen can reach your muscles as they are using it up faster than you can deliver it.

That tired feeling is very much related to lack of O2 and is what happens to sedentary people too. Especially if wheelchair ridden or seated for lengthy periods. The toxins that build up include other waste matter from cells that normally your kidneys would remove. This lingers too long and added to O2 deficiency, makes your legs feel awful.  When you stand up (assuming you are  able), those toxins are released to an extent and can make you feel suddenly awful (like jetlag….sound familiar?)

The way to prevent a chronic build up of these toxins is to get a massage. The motion, position that massage is performed in and various drainage techniques such as lymphatic drainage can make you feel right again and what’s more, help prevent future health issues such as pulmonary embolisms which can originate from the legs and are reported as a common health risk for frequent fliers (also known as a Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Lymphatic drainage massage allows the lymph to be displaced from the legs too resulting in healthier surrounding tissues and a better figure. The increase in blood flow that even a basic Swedish massage offers can result in a huge improvement to your well-being and rejuvenate you so you feel you can take some exercise.

If you are in London and want to feel radiant again or need to fix those aching legs – call us now at (020) 7240 1964 or Book Online – You’ll be feeling great after just one session!

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Why you need a massage if you sit for long periods
Massage Therapist, 14 yrs experience
Ever wondered why your legs ache after sitting down for lengthy periods and feels like you worked down a mine hauling coal all day even though you did little in reality? This article explains the science and offers the solution!
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  1. Thats really useful information and explains why I feel so rough after working for hours on end! Might have to get a massage methinks!

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