Red Light Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage

red light therapy and deep tissue massageRed Light Therapy is one of the best ways to address health issues relating to many of your body tissues. When combined with massage, the effects can be amazing. There is good scientific basis for the great results that red light therapy produces – there’s no magic, hearsay or snake oil involved – its basic biochemistry with a little physics thrown in. 


Red light therapy is basically a pure infra-red light, applied to whatever part of the body needs treatment. Used with sports massage, red light therapy can really make a difference when it comes to healing times for torn muscles and tendons. With deep tissue massage the effects of red light therapy can be even more far reaching.

Deep tissue massage requires the therapist to work deep underneath the surface layers of muscle. Usually a greater amount of pressure is applied to achieve this, which can turn out to be uncomfortable for the patient. It can also leave the patient with aches and pains the following day. Although they will recover well, it can be a bit off-putting to some who don’t enjoy that experience. Its a little like the athletic saying:”no pain, no gain.” However, when you use red light therapy in conjunction with a deep tissue massage, enjoyment of the actual session and the patient outcome are much better. Why does red light therapy change things up? Well the reason is that the infra red light has a number of interesting effects on the body when applied in relatively close proximity. Before we continue, using infra red light must be done under the supervision of someone who understands how to apply the light and for how long. – Unless you have the proper certified equipment – don’t try this at home!


So back to our patient who is receiving red light therapy with their massage. The infra-red light primarily heats the muscle in a very controlled manner. This in turn promotes better blood flow – similar to the feeling you get after being in the shower. this increased blood flow requires no vascular energy to work – the heart is not strained and so does not need to increase its pulse rate significantly. This is good for people with heart problems, but even better for the patient who feels more relaxed as a result, with muscles becoming highly oxygenated, removing that tired feeling. The massage therapist gets a slightly easier workload too because red light therapy softens the tissues and allows deeper massage with less pressure.

red light therapy and skin careThe patient does not feel so uncomfortable when the therapist” digs a little deep” and there is less resulting soreness for the patient. The great thing is that red light therapy also brings with it further assistance. It improves the skin, reducing wrinkles and aging (its used as a beauty treatment as an addition to facials and facial massage for this very purpose. It is even used to treat depression in some specialist clinics. Due to an increase in mitochondrial activity and the availability of more white blood cells that red light therapy induces, healing is also quicker. Cell division increases and collagen production is reduced while increasing lymphatic drainage which is a fantastic toxin removal system that can make you feel 10 years younger when fully active!


The healing effects combined with massage are what makes red light therapy a must-have addon to not just deep tissue massage but facial massage, Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage massage. Those who are tired or injured from sports activity can benefit tremendously as connective tissue production rises. The increased metabolic rate that this therapy induces can even help people lose weight too! The effects on the skin are very impressive in reducing the appearance of scar tissue and for those with eczema.

If you are suffering from injury, recovering from a long week, feel a bit down or need deep tissue or lymphatic drainage massage, you should insist on adding red light therapy if you want to get the most out of the session. Adding it will boost healing processes and enhance the anti-aging effects of  any facial. This simple but effective treatment really does deliver – try it once and you will almost certainly want it every time!

If you are looking for a massage in London with red light therapy you can book an appointment online at Superior massage. (London Outcall massage is available but not with red light therapy as our unit is not portable). Fully trained in all massage modalities, we also have a red light therapy unit in our central London massage therapy centre that offers all the above mentioned benefits. 

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Red Light Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage
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Red light therapy is an accepted way to improve healing, reduce visible skin aging and aid massage therapies. Learn how Red Light Therapy could make your massage a totally new and improved experience - felt good before with a regular massage? With infra-red light you will feel amazing. Find out more about how Red light therapy could help your health.
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