Improve your Health with Hot Stone Massage

Dating back as far as 2000 years ago the healing art of hot stone massage spread rapidly all over the world to improve the health of internal organs. It started with gem stones that were heated and used primarily for royalty and then transitioned to the public with the use of ordinary rocks taken from beneath the ashes of recently extinguished fires. The healer figures would place the stones over the body part that was ailing the patient the most and as if by magic they were no longer sore or in pain. hot stone massage It is this very magic we still use today.

Though not nearly as mythical in today’s society, hot stones are still used for the same health benefits they were thousands of years ago. Today the application of hot stones can benefit the body in a variety of ways, from pregnancy to mental and physical relaxation as well as a great body cleanser. In pregnancy, and even before in menstruation, hot stones are used to provide some relief to the discomfort of cramping women while the application of cold stones afterwards reduces blood loss. Quite often you will see hot and cold stones paired for complementary relief.

Applied to the muscles, the hot stones would cause blood vessels to open which quickly alleviated cramping and reduce d lactic acid build up between the muscle fibers. It also minimizes joint swelling if applied promptly. As a cleanser, this type of therapy also causes pores to open for exfoliation and toxins to be released from the body naturally in the form of sweat. Today, hot stone massage therapy is once again growing in popularity.

Taught at almost all massage institutes and provide in nearly all resorts worldwide, hot stones are more rapidly becoming the favored body relaxation treatment. Select stones made of the smoothest and most weathered rock are heated and applied as requested over sore body parts, drawing blood to the surface to allow a truly healing experience.

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