Feel Younger with a FaceLift Massage

A facial massage can make you look younger? – Its not as crazy as it sounds! This isn’t cosmetic surgery or poisonous injections of botox etc. this is a very natural and simple form of massage therapy to not only help you feel younger, but look it too. Known as a “Natural Facelift Massage”, this method is unique in the fact that it requires no oils, lotions, or harsh chemicals to rejuvenate making it beneficial to those with extra sensitive skin or allergies to exfoliates.

ayurvedic massageAyurvedic Therapy used in Facelift Massage

Stemming from Ayurveda (meaning the science of life), like most other massage forms, the facelift massage placed emphasis on the importance for a balance of health and vigor, beauty and vitality.

By relieving tension we didn’t know we carried, we feel free of the bonds of age and stressors of day to day life. It is these same tensions that we carry on our faces, in the bags under our eyes and in the wrinkles on our foreheads.

The human body has over ninety facial muscles that over time wear down for a multiple number of reasons, leaving our complexions a little traveled. Be the cause sun, poor diet, stress, or another variable, tension slowly cooperates with gravity leaving us to feel exhausted and our physical appearance to suffer. Now looks are not everything and though the purpose of this type of massage is purely to relax the facial muscles, a confidence boost is also acquired in the process. Through a combination of tissue massage and acupressure points, blood flow is increased in the facial muscles allowing pores to open and the skin to breathe.

This is the relaxation portion of the therapy.After the muscles are relaxed the rejuvenation begins. With blood now able to circulate the face more easily the facial tissues will drop the tensions they were once holding and allow themselves to flatten out so each layer of tissue, be it muscle or skin, now glides over and under the other layers to create a smooth, fresh canvas. Now your face is cleansed of stress and fully rejuvenated with the added bonus of overall relaxation and poise.

If you are in London and interested in a younger look, you can find out for yourself what a rejuvenating experience a facelift massage can be! We take online bookings too for your convenience. 

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Feel Younger with a FaceLift Massage
Massage Therapist, 14 yrs experience
Face lift massage is the perfect solution to a number of problems. It does not use harsh chemicals, rejuvenates from way beneath the surface skin and can relieve you of headaches and let you sleep better. Your skin will look younger and toxins removed too.
Mark Gillhoff

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