Improve your Health with Hot Stone Massage

Dating back as far as 2000 years ago the healing art of hot stone massage spread rapidly all over the world to improve the health of internal organs. It started with gem stones that were heated and used primarily for royalty and then transitioned to the public with the use of ordinary rocks taken from beneath the ashes […]

Feel Younger with a FaceLift Massage

Face lift massage is the perfect solution to a number of problems. It does not use harsh chemicals, rejuvenates from way beneath the surface skin and can relieve you of headaches and let you sleep better. Your skin will look younger and toxins removed too.

Red Light Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage

Red Light Therapy is one of the best ways to address health issues relating to many of your body tissues. When combined with massage, the effects can be amazing. There is good scientific basis for the great results that red light therapy produces – there’s no magic, hearsay or snake oil involved – its basic […]

Cannot get exercise? – You need massage!

If you don’t get around much or cannot exercise for any reason, toxins build up in your muscles and leave you feeling exhausted. This gives you the feeling that you just worked at a heavy labouring job for many hours – a sensation that is both unpleasant and confounding considering the lack of energy expended.