In addition to any massage session, different essential oils can be used in each treatment tailor made for the specific needs of the clients. Can help many mental or physical conditions

We all know how nice it can be to enjoy pleasing aromas but we often fail to appreciate the therapeutic potential of what our most sensitive organ, our nose, supplies to our brain. The chemicals we ingest though our olfactory systems are converted into brain signals that can have some amazing effects on the body. The reason that these effects can be so profound is that the delivery system from nose to brain is very efficient and brain chemistry is very malleable through aromatherapy.

It takes us very little time to notice a change of smell whereas a change of temperature can be almost unnoticeable. Aromatherapy makes the most of this property and research into the many essential oils that are have been extracted has shown very promising results. Superior Massage recognizes the importance of offering the best possible therapies and adding aromatherapy to your massage treatment can multiply the benefits of massage which in themselves are already impressive.

When used during your aromatherapy body massage, essential oils work on two levels (absorption and inhalation) to deliver a vibrant skin condition in massage that is pure physical indulgence, as well as a fabulous luxury experience.

Massage alone is wonderfully relaxing. Combine it with the benefits of essential oils and you’ll unlock benefits that transcend the combined power of the two!

Aromatherapy oils can be incorporated into your massage in specific combinations in order to address the needs identified by your therapist. From simple relaxing and mentally beneficial aromas to specific oils that can help to reduce symptoms of some very serious and chronic ailments.

Your aromatherapy massage can also give relief from conditions such as the following:

In fact, the power of therapeutic massage can be harnessed to help with a wide range of conditions. Please tell us if there is something special we can help with.

60 minute Aromatherapy Massage £65
90 minute Aromatherapy Massage £95

Call us now at (020) 7240 1964 and we can explain further about the possibilities that we offer through aromatherapy or book now online so you can enjoy the combined benefits of aromatherapy and therapeutic massage.

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