Massage LondonSuperior Massage, London offers quality massage services to the West End & Covent Garden, at the Superior Massage therapy centre in WC2, supplemented by an outcall massage (London area).

Our central massage (London) therapy centre in WC2 brings you the latest therapies including a revolutionary red light therapy which multiplies the benefits of your massage treatment. Transform your lifestyle and rejuvenate your tired body and enjoy a stress-free mind so that you are ready to face today’s social life or tomorrow’s challenges. We offer a number of facial treatments and hair removal services too, so when you leave us you can not only feel fantastic, but you will look fantastic!

Our formally trained massage therapists have the experience and knowledge to offer real solutions to muscle problems, pain and stress through therapeutic massage. Whether you are an athlete who needs some deep tissue massage in London, Swedish massage to relax, an outcall massage visit at your hotel, or simply passing nearby and want to feel great, one or more of our London massage services might be exactly what you need.

We offer:

All these services are offered from our comfortable Covent Garden, WC2, London massage therapy centre, just a moments walk from Tottenham Court Rd Tube.

Superior Massage London can attend to your back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle cramps and provide a release of tension that can make today’s worries melt away! If you are under constant stress, suffer sleep disorders, even simple things like a sore throat or unpleasant nightmares when you do sleep; the high standard of massage that we offer is a great way to get better sleep, resolve insomnia and leave you feeling fit to face the world again.

Best Deep Tissue Massage in London

Staying in a hotel?

Anyone staying at a local hotel can take advantage of our OutReach service and have massage therapist come to your hotel to offer treatment in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room.



Maybe you need a massage! Why not book now so you can enjoy some quality stress relief. We are confident that we can remove your tension & stress with therapeutic massage treatment.

tired traveller


If you in London and need massage therapy to get rid of those travel aches & pains, or simply cannot get to our massage Therapy Centre? We can send a therapist to you and treat you in the comfort of your hotel room or home.


Working Out?

Aching muscles from working out? There is a good reason why professionals in athletic sports have regular massage. It takes away your pain, and realigns the muscles so your body is ready for your next training session.

massage in central london


Massage can really help those who for whatever reason cannot get around.We can release muscle spasm and tension and address other aches and pains caused by lack of mobility.



We strive very hard to apply all our knowledge of massage and associated therapies so you can enjoy the best our profession offers. We aim to leave you smiling, stress-free, relieved of pain and ready to take on a new day.

new to massage

New to Massage?

Never had a massage? You don’t know what you are missing! Massage will make your tension and stress melt away and the endorphins released will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed so you can take on what life throws at you!



We have provided some handy vouchers for you to purchase any of the treatments that we offer here at Superior Massage. A personalized voucher from us makes an ideal gift for a loved one or friend and we can deliver it too!

If you are aching for a massage, in London and ready for rejuvenation, then you need to book yourself a massage session here at Superior Massage London – it’ll do you a world of good!

WE CAN VISIT YOU: Our Outreach Select service offers massage in the comfort of your own London home or hotel. Dispense with stressful travel to get a massage – we come to you!

Whatever your massage needs, Superior Massage London has the answer!

Book online now or call 020 7240 1964

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